Specifications (UNHCR TYPE JERRY CANS)
1 10l semi-collapsible jerry cans manufactured of food grade lpde.
2 Jerry can suitable for drinking water, with built-in handle without sharp edges, wide enough for a male adult hand.
3 Handle to be situated in the centre of the top of the standing jerrycan.
4 Material used must be tested by recognised laboratory for potable water purposes,
5 To withstand drop from minimum 2.5 metres containing maximum volume of water at 25 degrees cent.
6 Must stand by itself, even when filled with less than ¼ of its maximum volume.
7 Operating temperature -20 celcius to 50 celcius.
8 Average thickness approximately 0.6 mm. Minimum corner thickness 0.5 mm
9 Screwable cap fitted on jerrycan and linked to container by polyamide string with
10 Diameter of minimum 1 mm and approximately 120 mm length.
11 Inner diameter of cap approximately 35 mm. Weight approximately 190 – 230 grams
12 Embossed on minimum one side “unhcr” and “unhcr logo” with maximum visibility.



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