Floor area
16.00 m2
Length x Width
4.00 x 4.00 m
Central Height
2.00 m.
Ridge Length
4.00 m.
Wall Height
0.90 m.
Steel poles of 47 / 48 mm diameter..
Outer Fly
Single fold of 454 g/m2 water proof & rot proof canvas.
Inner Fly:
Double fold of 454 g / m2 water proof & rot proof canvas
Inner fold made of dyed
Outer fly and outer fold of inner fly
Natural Canvas
Inner fold of inner fly
Yellow dyed
All required tools and accessories for ready use. Hammer, steel pegs, ground pins, guy ropes and repairing kit
Ground Sheet:
Separate sheet made of PE fabric. Size of the ground sheet is as per size of the tent.
 Mud Flap:
Made of dark Grey P.E fabric, 180 g / m2 – 50 cm as wall & 20 cm as mud Flap
Tent + Inner Tent + Accessories in one bundle. Wrapped in
polythene & into Hessian cloth.
Weight per Tent
75.00 kg (approx)
Dimensions / Volume per Tent
230 x 35 x 35 cm / 0.29 cbm (approx).

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