Production Process

The textiles sector covers those parts of the textiles supply chain that serve makers of tents, canvas and other textiles goods. The following activities are included:


  • Yarn from spinning factory
  • Doubling & twisting
  • Winding,creeling,wraping
  • Sizing
  • Winding on weaver beam and weaving
  • Inspection of grey fabric
  • Stitching
  • Water proofing and rod proofing
  • Dyeing , finishing and inspection of finished fabric
  • Cutting and stitching
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Packaging and dispatch


The management of the MTI ensures that machine is properly selected, installed, validated, maintained and disposed of according to established procedures and manufacturer’s instructions to meet the needs of the factory to perform quality manufacturing.

Production Capacity

Cutting and Sewing:

Operating one of the largest cut and sew facilities in the industry requires perfection of skills, Superb hands-on management and ultra-dedication which can only come with a passion for Quality and timely performance. Our dedicated units for Tents, Canvas, Tarpaulins, Bags, Bedding and table linen satisfy the most discerning customer demands for perfection and   performance.

1 Tents approx. 2000 Tents per day.
2 Canvas approx. 4,000 Bags per day.
3 Mosquito Nets approx. 300   pieces per day.
4 Tarpaulins approx. 1,000 piece per day.
5 Kitchen Set  approx.  2,000 piece per day.
6 Blankets approx.  2,000 piece per day.
7 Shawls approx.  2,000 piece per day.
Our Machinery

Mahroz Textile Industries is equipped with the modern computerized machines. The main plant and equipment installed in the weaving mills is as following:

  • Warping
  • Sizing
  • Weaving
  • Stitching
  • Auto power Looms
  • Auto Power Looms:
  • Canvas Cloth:              15.0 million Meters per year
  • Grey Cloth:                   7.5 million Meters per year.

The firm has the following machinery and back process machinery that helped us to improve the quality and quantity of our products. This has considerably contributed to increase profitability of firm.

  • Generator 200 KVA
  • Generator 100 KVA
  • Generator 50  KVA
  • Drawing Machine 120”
  • Drawing Machine 100”
  • Drawing Machine 72”
  • Jigger Washing drawing 120”
  • Jigger Washing drawing 72”
  • Boiler Capacity
  • Stitching Machines
Production Flow Chart
  1. Yarn from spinning Factory
  2. Doubling & twisting
  3. Winding
  4. Creeling
  5. Wrapping
  6. Sizing
  7. Winding on weaver beam
  8. Weaving
  9. Inspection of gray fabric
  10. Stitching
  11. Water Proofing
  12. Rod Proofing
  13. Dying & finishing
  14. Inspection of finished fabric
  15. Cutting &stitching
  16. Quality Control
  17. Quality Assurance
  18. Packaging
  19. Dispatch

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